Purple Rain 

Amethyst, yellow gold ring with diamond raindrops falling on the sides

Incense and Candles

The flickering candle flame, transforms in solid and give birth to a yellow gold bangle and earrings.

Marquise cut rubies and diamonds combined with yellow gold.

Marquise cut iolite with white gold,bangle and earrings


The journey of life, controversy, changing directions and beliefs to reach knowledge

Aquamarine and diamonds in baguette and princess cuts on white gold bangle and earrings

The Gold Experience

A simple geometrical form repeats itself one way or another.The binding material is step cut diamonds

The Gold Experience rings
A combination of diamonds and metal or different types of metal.

Chaos and Disorder

Intersecting trajectories and harmonic disorder generate a yellow gold bangle and earrings 

Marquise cut rubies and different sizes rbc diamonds


Marquise cut iolite and rbc diamonds on white gold

Earrings and pendant are interlinking and can have lengths that vary

Around The World In A Day

Open your heart,Open your mind
A train is leaving all day
A wonderful trip through our time
And laughter is all you pay…

Lucky charm in white , yellow gold or silver and diamonds or cz


Strict lines and formations for men’s jewellery

A combination of white and yellow gold or silver and yellow gold.

Bangle in white and rose gold with diamonds

The Dance

Hellenic and Celtic traditional dances, stretched hands and crossed legs of dancing men,for men’s bracelets and accessories.

Hellenic dance

Celtic dance


Music theme for the ‘Batman’ movie and the inspiration for creating unique cufflinks

White gold or silver with lapis lazuli and diamonds

White gold or silver with cabochon amethysts

White gold or silver with cabochon sapphires