my story

Designs that embody sophistication and originality.

The final destination of an enthralling journey through exploration, deconstruction and reinterpretation of Nature, Architecture, and elements of the ordinary life.

Flawless crafted objects of art, unique creations that reflect years of knowledge and expertise and could tell stories.-


My adventurous journey in the jewellery wonderland begins in Italy, where I studied how to give life to my imagination, first, on the paper with pencil and water colours and then curving the wax, to obtain the prototype of the designed object.

During my studies on jewellery and industrial design I participated in design competitions in Italy and Greece with award winning pieces. After 5 years in Italy my steps took me to Hellas. There, I created for Hellenic brands, collections not only with jewellery but with usable and /or decorative items, as well. Living and working under the sun and the air of my home country I matured, evolved my technique and studied CAD, a design software, which gave me the opportunity to offer to my clients a tridimensional representation of any jewellery or object.

Traveling to different countries had always essential part in my life, keeping me connected with the new trends in jewellery and fashion,in general. London was another stop in my journey. Surrounded by it’s metropolitan atmosphere, I created bespoke jewellery. Jewellery, designed and intended for single clients and therefore unique pieces that fulfill the criteria of a work of art, and at the same time conform to the functional demands of a product sensitive to the current trends as to the client’s wishes.

In London,I enriched my knowledge studding Diamond Grading at the Gem-A, the gemological association of Great Britain and had the pleasure to participate in London’s Fashion Week in September of 2016 with my own collections under the brand name Rays Of Lights.
Creation is my passion and for me, creating jewellery is an intriging and challenging way of connecting the imaginative with the real world.